Sage P60s

Sage Payslip Envelopes are standard size pay envelopes used with Sage Payslips (both Laser and Continuous) with 100% guarantee to fit your them in perfectly. The clear envelope window is positioned to show the employee’s name and no other private information for a confidential, professional payroll.

Sage Payslip Plus Envelopes are large format payslip envelopes that match our Sage Payslip Plus. Allowing you to use a larger typeface, these pay envelopes available in both internal and external mail format.

Sage P60 Forms
  • 50 pack (Stock code: 0615P60L50)
Sage Self-Seal P60 Mailers

Internal Envelopes

  • 50 pack (Stock code: 0615P60S50)
Sage P60s Sage Self-seal P60s