Sage Payslips

Sage Payslips are the perfect format for presenting employees' pay information. Information is presented clearly, securely and help you run an accurate and speedy payroll. Sage Laser Payslips are available in either original format or a new modern design.

The crisp, clean design allows you to illustrate all of the relevant information in a concise way. In fact, the layout is so simple there should be no fuss or confusion when it comes to managing your employees.

Laser, inkjet or deskjet printers

  • Laser Original Payslip GREEN - 250 pack (Stock code: 068025)
  • Laser Original Payslip GREEN - 1000 pack (Stock code: 0680)
  • Laser New Payslip GREEN - 250 pack (Stock code: 068225)
  • Laser New Payslip GREEN - 1000 pack (Stock code: 0682)
  • Laser New Payslip BLUE - 250 pack (Stock code: 068125)
  • Laser New Payslip BLUE - 1000 pack (Stock code: 0681)

Dot-matrix or continuous

  • Original Design GREEN - 250 pack (Stock code: 0607)
  • Original Design GREEN - 1000 pack (Stock code: 0606)
Sage Payslips