Sage Payslips Plus

Sage Payslip Plus are large format (A5) payslips, allowing you to use a larger typeface and show pay and deductions in greater detail. The extra space is ideal for additional details such as Tax Credits, Student Loans and multiple payment types.

Laser, inkjet or deskjet printers

  • Laser Payslip Plus BLUE - 250 pack (Stock code: 0637)
  • Laser Payslip Plus BLUE - 1000 pack (Stock code: 068021)
  • Laser Payslip Plus GREEN - 250 pack (Stock code: 0638)
  • Laser Payslip Plus GREEN- 1000 pack (Stock code: 068031)

Dot-matrix or continuous

  • Continuous Payslip Plus BLUE - 1000 pack (Stock code: 06342)
  • Continuous Payslip Plus GREEN - 1000 pack (Stock code: 06343)
Sage Payslips Plus