Released 15/02/2019

Productivity Suite v1.1.11

January/February updates

Release details

Major features

Code Changer speed-up
  • The Code Changer application runs slowly on large data sets. A major re-work is being undertaken to improve performance significantly.
CC: don't chase invoices if they have certain characteristics
  • To not chase direct debit (or similar) invoices, add some new rules to not chase any invoice matching certain criteria. The first version will not chase if a certain value is found in a related invoice's analysis 1, 2 or 3 field. Also allow for "is equal to" and "starts with".

Minor features

Product code changer: edit description and inactive flag
  • Allow for the product description to be edited to allow for bulk edits, and for the "inactive" flag to be set in the product code changer.
BOM Manager: allow for expansion of BOM product components
  • This new feature allows for BOM product lines on sales orders to be expanded to include all components (in the required quantities) on sales orders to allow for allocation to reserve component stock to satisfy the sales order. The number expanded is configurable to allow for call-off of a sales order in partial quantities.
POC web: allow for raising directly in another team
  • The desktop version allows for the raising of a PO in any team (option set by user) but the webapp does not yet have this feature.

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