Released 04/04/2019

Productivity Suite v1.1.12

March updates

Release details

Minor features

POC: add notes tab to PO screen
  • Allow users to make ad hoc notes on POs (webapp only).
POC web: allow non-admin users to edit and cancel POs
  • This is to be controlled by settings on the user rights record so it will be locked down at user level rather than allow any user to edit and cancel POs. This is already available in the desktop version, but not yet via the webapp.
POC: allow budget to be seen by non-admin users
  • Some team managers also need to see budgets and actuals spent, so there will be an option added to the user record which says whether a user can see the budget screen. The budget screen will also be moved away from the admin tab to the pending POs tab.
Project costing reports
  • Add a new module to allow for the extraction of project costing reports showing headline figures for projects (Project number, Start date, Name, Description, Order number, Cost, Uplifted cost, Revenue, Memo) where memo is the contents of the memo tab text box (this cannot be referenced in standard Sage Accounts reports, hence the need for this new report). Note that uplifted cost allows for the configuration of one cost code and a corresponding uplift percentage to show more useful costs in the report.
POC web: if a PO cannot be approved because of a budget or inactive approver, an email notification needs to be sent from Hub
  • The disconnected nature of the webapp from where the decision is made on the server means the error goes on the log, but noone is told that the PO couldn't be approved.
Hub: make the database directory configurable
  • The system database can be quite large, so allow them to be stored outside the Windows program data directory if required.
Hub: allow attached document and file storage directory to be configured
  • The documents and files that can be attached to purchase orders is not restricted, so allow them to be stored outside the Windows program data directory if required.
POC: show a paperclip icon on PO list views where the PO has attached documents
Back to Back: add setting to group line items by product
  • The program groups line items by product by default, but this is not appropriate for items such as S1 which may be completely different products. Add a setting to turn this behaviour off (it will be switched on by default).
POC web: add a field for delivery date
  • Deliveries in POC have a field to store the date when they were recorded, but this does not allow for deliveries recorded at a later date than the actual receipt. This new field can be edited when recording a delivery (webapp only).
POC: send notifications when documents are attached to requested POs
  • When a document is attached to a PO which has been requested (including those marked urgent), a notification including the documents will be sent to all potential approvers (webapp only).

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