Released 19/07/2019

Productivity Suite v1.1.14

June updates

Release details

Minor features

POC web: allow the line item total entry field to be editable so gross amounts can be entered
  • Sage has the feature to calculate a net amount from a gross amount. POC needs the same feature.
POC web: restrict the teams in which a user can request a PO
  • The option exists for users to request POs in other teams if they perform multiple roles in the business, but previously this allowed users to request in any team. This setting restricts the list of teams per user to give greater control of which teams a user has access to.
POC web: allow no project to be selected when project on PO header is mandatory
  • The option which locks the project and cost code selection on PO line items requires that a project and cost code are set on the PO header. Previously a project had to be selected, but if having no project for a PO is valid that is now possible using this new option.
POC web: allow VAT amount to be edited
  • In some cases there can be a penny rounding issue, or a blended VAT rate means that the standard tax code doesn't apply. In this case, it can be necessary to enter a manual VAT amount. This field can now be edited (after all other fields have been entered, as editing another price field will cause a recalculation which will bring the current tax code back into play).

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