Released 13/12/2019

Productivity Suite v1.1.17

Autumn updates

Release details

Major features

POC web: roll unused budget forward
  • Allow for monthly budgets which can optionally roll over unused budget at the end of months 1-11.

Minor features

POC: record the time a PDF is emailed to the customer for a PO
  • A PO PDF can be emailed to the customer, but if the options are selected such that this is automated, it may not be known by users that it's been sent. A line in the audit trail should be added to show this.
POC PO template: add nominal code, department and line information to templates
  • New template replacements added for within the order lines tag: NOMINAL_CODE, DEPARTMENT and JOB_REFERENCE (which is labelled "Line information" in the Sage Accounts application).
POC web: set default charity fund when adding a line item for a selected supplier
  • If a supplier has already been selected, then use its default charity fund and set that fund in the relevant dropdown on the new line item screen.
POC web: make order lines replacement tag flexible on webapp
  • The order lines replacement tag for PO PDF generation was made flexible on the desktop version earlier, but this change was not implemented on the webapp. This means the generate PO option on the POC webapp works in the same way.
CC: consider payments on account when calculating overdue balance for reminders
  • When sending out reminders to chase invoice payment, payments on account and credits were not previously considered. This brings in an option (turned on by default) which means they are now considered in the calculation. This works in conjunction with the setting for whether or not to chase invoices when an account has a zero or credit balance.

Bug fixes

POC: refresh user list for showing POs requested by another user
  • The option to view POs requested by another user didn't refresh the user list, so it would operate from a cached user list when the settings were set up. This fixes that bug and refreshes the user list every time the program is run.

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