Released 12/07/2021

Productivity Suite v1.1.24

Summer 2021

Release details

Minor features

POC web: apply project and cost code settings from the PO header for existing line items as well as new line items (when project is locked on line items)
  • POC web: when the "project and cost code mandatory on header" setting is switched on and a user edits the project and cost code on a PO's header, apply those changes to all existing line items.
POC: send notifications for partial deliveries as well as final deliveries (options)
  • Add two new settings for email notifications when deliveries are received; send email notifications for partial deliveries as well as final deliveries (rename description of existing setting). Note that both options will be switched off by default. They can be switched on via the system configuration screen under the deliveries tab.
POC web: show project and cost code columns on list screens
  • Add project and cost code columns to pending PO, main PO, deliveries and GRNI lists - all controlled by independent settings, set by checkboxes on the POC system config screen.
POC: add setting to stop editing of POs with deliveries if reapproval rules are in use
  • If a PO with deliveries is edited such that it needs to go through reapproval again, this scenario is not supported because of how the deliveries are stored in Sage Accounts. This option alerts users to this, and allows them to block editing of POs with deliveries to avoid this unsupported scenario.
POC: take PO template from the webapp and update Hub
  • The PO templates exist in two places: on the webapp (used for preview) and in Hub (used for sending emails to suppliers and users). This change completes the link to update the Hub database from the webapp database rather than having to copy and paste the template content.
CC: show the reminder sequence number in calendar view and future emails section of customer record view
  • Previously, only the email type of reminder or statement was shown on the calendar view and the future emails section of the customer record. This change shows which reminder sequence number an email corresponds to.
POC: allow for exchange rates on foreign currency suppliers
  • Add exchange rate box to PO form, default to currency exchange rate but allow changes, and apply that exchange rate when the PO is created in Sage.

Bug fixes

POC: when a PO which has automatically been placed on order is edited, changed quantities result in Sage errors
  • If the quantity is changed on a stock item line of a PO which has been approved and created in Sage, but has not yet received any deliveries, then the stock record's on order quantity is not updated. This fixes that bug.
POC web: notes on brand new POs/drafts no longer go missing
  • When notes were added to a PO at point of creation (whether requested or saved as draft) the notes would not be attached to the PO. This is now fixed.
POC: cancelling a PO should keep on order quantities on track
  • Previously, cancelling a PO left the line items on order, and the stock item's on order quantity would include these figures. This fix processes cancellations correctly and takes line items off order, and corrects the stock item's on order level.
POC: do not allow editing of quantity on PO line items to fall below quantity already delivered
  • When editing POs which have already received deliveries, it was possible to edit the quantity to below the level already received in deliveries. This fix stops the edited quantity going below whatever has already been delivered.

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