Released 05/10/2018

Productivity Suite v1.1.7

September updates

Release details

Major features

CC: allow multiple reminder patterns within Credit Controller
  • Allow for multiple reminder patterns so that different numbers of days before/after the due date, different wording or different languages can be used in Credit Controller.

Minor features

POC: send notification to supplier in the case of cancelled and amended POs
  • If the option to send POs to suppliers by email automatically once approved is enabled, there should be messages also sent to the same email address(es) to notify the supplier in the case of amended and cancelled POs. Also, include menu items for administrators to manually send the same update/cancel emails from the PO list.
B2B: add option to use SO numbers for PO numbers
  • Add an option to Back to Back Ordering to allow users to copy the sales order number across to the purchase orders created. A warning will be shown and the user not allowed to proceed if there are multiple POs to be created for one SO.
B2B: allow creation of POs for service items
  • Previously, Back to Back Ordering has deliberately blocked creation of POs for service items, but this new option will allow for the creation of POs for service items as well.
New module: import delivery addresses
  • Add a new module capable of importing delivery addresses for existing customer or supplier records in Sage Accounts.
POC: add more template replacements
  • Add the following replacements:
    • [APPROVER]
    • [ANALYSIS_1]
    • [ANALYSIS_2]
    • [ANALYSIS_3]

Bug fixes

POC webapp: discount percentage is rounded incorrectly
  • The discount percentage can be fractional but is incorrectly being rounded to a whole number on the webapp (only - works as expected on desktop).

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