Released 30/11/2018

Productivity Suite v1.1.9

November updates

Release details

Major features

POC webapp: allow sending of emails from webapp
  • Currently, emails to users and suppliers are all sent from the desktop version. Implement the same sending of emails from the webapp version.

Minor features

POC: show supplier credit limit and the status of the supplier in settings in a pop-up when selecting that supplier
  • When the supplier changes in the dropdown, show the user the supplier's credit limit and current account status.
POC: allow comment 1 and comment 2 labels to be configurable, and add an option to make them mandatory if a project is selected
  • When raising a line item on a PO I want the Words Comment 1 or Comment 2 to be renamed Store Number and the field to be Mandatory if project Number is selected.
ABM: add option to not send warning (only) and data check clear emails
  • If Auto Backup Monitor doesn't find any errors (but may find warnings), then add an option to suppress the alert email. Backup not found will be treated as an error. This setting is in Hub Manager.

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