Sage 200 - Bill of Materials

Break down the production process into individual elements, control and monitor the cost of your manufacturing process with Sage 200’s Bill of Materials module.

Available online and on premise, bill of materials monitors the production levels and production assembly methods used within your business, creating a historic path of data and producing a reliable audit trail.

Bill of Materials will also provide reports on various business areas such as operations and labour, allowing to you see where monies are being spent and where costs can be cut to increase profit levels.

Sage 200 - Bill of Materials Features

  • Fully traceable - Track items by their batch serial numbers.
  • 'What if' scenarios - Within the bill of materials module you can project what would happen if your business were to taken a certain course of action, thus gauging your manufacturing capabilities and returns.
  • Bill of Materials is designed to work in conjunction with your Sage 200 Manufacturing module

Watch a two-minute demo

Make sure you increase the resolution to 1080p if you want to watch full screen or else the video will be blurred.

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