Sage 200cloud Project Accounting

Sage 200cloud Project Accounting is an optional addition for your Sage 200 software, helping you to keep track of any ongoing projects to ensure projects remain on time and within budget.

Customisable for all project like activities, project accounting allows you to manage everyday aspects of a project including manufacturing, construction and IT-related processes, all they need is project characteristics.

Sage 200cloud Project Accounting Features

  • Track every aspect of your project - Analyse budgets, actual spend and compare to ensure you remain on track and if any time or monetary alterations need to be made.
  • Incorporate materials and employee time - Show extra costs to calculate more accurate profitability and measure the progress of each project.
  • A limitless tool - Project accounting will let you log and manage a limitless number of projects, sub projects and projects relating to customer relationships.

Project accounting will enable project managers to keep control of ongoing projects, helping to provide greater efficiency and resulting in project profitability.

Watch a three-minute demo

Make sure you increase the resolution to 1080p if you want to watch full screen or else the video will be blurred.

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