Act! Onsite Training

Act! Pro/Premium Onsite Training

Learn to use Act! CRM at your premises

Our Act! onsite training is a great way for beginners and experienced users to ensure they are working confidently and efficiently with Act! Pro or Act! Premium. Training is tailored to your requirements to ensure you get the most out of the session. Speak directly with a trainer to plan your course content, discuss any special areas of emphasis and your desired outcome. Onsite training can be booked as full day or half day sessions.

For bookings, or to discuss training requirements please contact us:

N.B. Images below are of Act Premium v20 (sub), however we train on all versions of Act!.

  • Importing to Act!
    Importing to Act!
  • Managing Contacts & Companies in Act!
    Managing Contacts & Companies in Act!
  • Outlook integration - Record E-mails in Act!
    Outlook integration - Record E-mails in Act!
  • Managing Opportunities in Act!
    Managing Opportunities in Act!
  • Reporting in Act!
    Reporting in Act!
  • Act! E-marketing
    Act! E-marketing
  • Act! Customisation
    Act! Customisation

Benefits of Act! onsite training:

  • Focus on areas most relevant to your company needs
  • Discuss functionality in more depth with jargon free terms
  • Save money & limit downtime by having a trainer come to you
  • Train on the same version of the software that you own
  • Choose: train on your own data & get live improvements made, or train using demo data

Why book Act! training with Advantage Services:

  • Act! Platinum Partner - 15 years Act! experience
  • 10 days free support with all Act! onsite bookings
  • Complimentory User and Admin Training Guides (PDFs) supplied with all onsite Act! bookings
  • Receive a certificate for the training you have completed
  • We know Act! in depth and have 100s of customers choosing our own in-house support service for Act! and Sage software. Feel free to request a quote for support with us
  • All of our trainers have successfully completed full training programs on Act! Premium and have certificates to prove so.
  • For your own reassurance, please check some of our training reviews (below) given by customers who have previously arranged training with us
Advantage Services' Training Reviews

Why Arrange Act! Onsite Training?

As with many programs, Act! is packed full of features, some of which you'll use and some you won't - but you need to know what the features are so that you can make an informed decision. The key to a successful Act! training onsite session is to identify and cover in detail the areas of the program that you'll be using and that you'll gain the most benefit from having a good understanding of. Unlike Accounts and Payroll software - where the purpose of the software is clear - Act! is a customisable CRM system; something that people often have an idea of, but not a comprehensive understanding of the benefits or capabilities such a system can offer.

The vast majority of our Act! training enquiries (excluding customers who are organising training when purchasing the software) come from customers who have owned Act! for a while but feel that they aren't getting the most out of the system. Act! is an easy to use system, but sometimes this is taken a little too literally; having a good understanding of the functionality and features will not only save you time and effort but it will also help you to improve efficiency and gain real value out of your investment.

Please call 0121 651 1941 or Contact Us to discuss your requirements to make sure enough time is allocated for the various topics to be covered.

Act! Onsite Training

Act! Onsite Training Topic Areas

  • Introduction to Act! & navigating the software
  • Dealing with Contacts
  • Dealing with Companies
  • Recording History & Notes
  • Lookups
  • E-mail Integration
  • Scheduling Activities
  • Managing Opportunities
  • Letters & Mail Merges
  • Duplicates & Global Changes
  • Managing Users
  • Creating Fields
  • Customising Layouts
  • Customising Menus & Toolbars
  • Importing and Exporting Data
  • Act! Reports/Insights*
  • Act! Dashboards
  • Backups & Database Maintanence
  • Act! E-marketing
  • Using Act! for Web

For bookings, or to discuss training requirements, please call: 0121 651 1941

Contact Us / Request a call back

Act! Training Content and Considerations


Onsite training presents you with the opportunity to arrange a completely bespoke training session for your business. However, if you are new to Act! or unsure of what you need to know, then general user and/or administrator training sessions will get you up to speed quickly. The topic areas listed above cannot all be covered in a single day, so it's best to contact us to discuss the planning of your training session.

Considerations for the day
  • Training Area - Do you have a suitable place to hold the training session? Meeting rooms are a good option to remove staff from the usual distractions of the office. However, if that isn't an option, then work areas can be fine so long as emails are closed and phones diverted. If you prefer you can arrange a bespoke Act! training session to take place in our training room in Sutton Coldfield
  • Projector/Wall Mounted TV - It's important that you can see what is being demonstrated. This isn't a problem for 1-2-1 training or maybe two people who can huddle around a monitor screen, but a projector or wall mounted TV is advised for larger training groups. We can bring a projector along if requested.
  • Number of delegates - while we are flexible on the numbers we allow in training sessions, but from experience we'd advise a maximum of 5 or 6 persons.
  • Data Set - Using your own data in the training session has some obvious benefits: live changes to be made to the data as part of the training, without the need for the changes to be applied afterwards. Your users will be familiar with your customers and processes and will be able to give direct feedback as to how things should work. Using demo data might be the preferred option for learning how to use Act!, this allows the training on focus on standard Act! functionality which you then go away and apply to how you use your own data.
If you have any questions regarding the training, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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