Act! Remote Access Training

Act! Pro/Premium - Remote Access Training

Learn conveniently via your PC.

Remote access training is a great training option if you are looking to learn about specific areas of Act! Pro or Act! Premium CRM. If you only require training on certain features (rather than the full workings of the program) then online training is likely to be the most suitable training option to go for. Simply contact us to discuss your training requirements so that we can advise on the amount of time required, and let you know availability. Once an online training session is confirmed, and depending on your situation, the trainer will remote in on your machine to guide you on the areas you need assistance with, or alternatively, you can remote on to the trainer's computer to view their screen.

Advantage Services' Training Reviews

Act! Users Content

  1. Introduction to Act
  2. Contact Records
  3. Notes and History
  4. Lookup and universal search
  5. Groups and Companies
  6. Scheduling Activities
  7. Outlook and Google Sync
  8. Letters and Mail Merges
  9. Email Integration
  10. Opportunities
  11. An overview of synchronisation

Act! Administrators Content

  1. Your new database and the first contact record
  2. Customising database fields
  3. Customising layouts
  4. Customising menus and toolbars
  5. Importing and exporting data
  6. Duplicates and global changes
  7. Database maintenance
  8. Smart tasks customisation
  9. Dashboards
  10. Report Designer

As with many programs, Act! is packed full of features, some of which you'll use and some you won't. The key to a successful Act! training session is to cover in detail the areas of the program that you will be using and that you will benefit from having a good understanding of.

If you have any questions regarding the training, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

If you already have the software you wish to be trained on, one of our trainers will log in and take control of your computer. Using either your live data or demo data, you will receive training on the areas you have requested. Both the trainer and yourself will be looking at the same screen and communicating over the telephone or Skype. At the end of the session the trainer will log out of your computer.

If you don't have the software or the software is installed on a different computer from the the one you will use for the training, you can remotely login to the trainer's computer and receive training on demo data.

Prior to the training, the trainer will contact you at least one week in advance, to discuss the time of training, plan the course content, discuss any specific areas you would like to focus on.

Advantage Services have been awarded with the Act! Platinum Business Partner 2016 award. We are also recognised as Act! Certified Consultants (ACC), illustrating our expertise knowledge and experience of providing all our customers sufficient software and training to ensure they are getting the best service.

Not only do we train and use the software in-house, we provide 100s of customers support, which was launched following continuous requests from customers wanting a more personal service from a close knit team. Please feel free to read more about the support service we offer.

Rest assured all of our trainers have successfully completed full training programs on Act! and have certificates to prove so.

Remote access training not for you? Advantage Services offer an alternative format of training, which is the onsite training:

  • Take place at either our premises or your premises, whichever suits you and your business
  • Have the option to choose what areas you want training on
  • After the training you will get 10 days of free telephone support, giving you the chance to practice what you have learnt
  • Arrange a training for a date that suits you
  • Train on the same version of the software that you own

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