Payroll Year End (PYE) Training

With Payroll Year End fast approaching, you need to submit your Year End to HMRC and provide a P60 to all of your employees that are currently working with you. If there are employees that have left your business you need to process them as leavers before submitting your Full Payment Submission (FPS) and Employment Payment Summary (EPS).

Payroll Year End
Key dates around Payroll Year End:
  • 5thApril 2020: 2019 tax year ends.
  • 6thApril 2020: new tax year starts.
  • 19thApril 2020: deadline for making Full Payment Submissions (FPS) for the 2019/2020 tax year.
  • 31stMay 2020: employees still employed with you on 5th April 2020 must have their P60s by this date.
  • 6thJuly 2020: deadline to submit your P11D and P11D(b) forms.

Let Advantage Services help you submit your Year-End on time and at ease by booking your place today on our PYE training.

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Training Options

PYE 1-2-1 Training

1-2-1 Training
Tailored to your business
  • How to process your Year End?
  • Examining legislation
  • Preparing the new year
  • and much more!
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PYE 1-2-many Training

1-2-many Training
Max group size: 6
  • How to process your Year End?
  • Producing P60s
  • Preparing Year End reports
  • and much more!
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1-2-1 Training (60 minutes) - Price £135

We are offering bespoke one to one training so you can learn how to process your Year End in an effective way. Our payroll experts will discuss your requirements and talk you through the following:

  • Running through Year End process
  • Updating legislation
  • Process P60s
  • Year End reports
  • Ensuring the new year is ready
  • Checking data for leavers
  • Examining legislation
  • Running through data compact
  • Removing leavers
  • Running prior year reports
  • Electronic submissions
  • Salary predictions

1-2-many Training (30 minutes) - Price £60

This 30-minute training offers an in-depth analysis of PYE. We will delve deeper into the PYE requirements and cover the following aspects:

  • Running through Year End process
  • Updating legislation
  • Process P60s
  • Year End reports
  • Ensuring new year is ready
  • Max group size: 6

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