Sage 50 Accounts Report Design Training

Onsite or remote access training; whichever suits you

With Advantage Services' training you can become an expert at amending and creating reports/layouts, adding totals, filters and criteria for accurate and specific analysis - in a format of training that suits your needs.

Our Report Design training will give you the skills to be able to:
  • Know how to create new reports using the report wizard, amend fixed reports, select variables, sort information and amend the page layout
  • Be able to insert calculations into a report and change the presentation of information
  • Know how to improve presentation by adding sub-totals and grand totals
  • Understand how to add filters to a report to select specific information
  • Be able to split debits and credits and produce meaningful transaction totals
  • Be familiar with selection filters, advanced filters and advanced criteria
  • Know how to create overdue account letters and sales promotions using specific criteria and expressions
  • Know how to amend an existing invoice, letter or order layout

For bookings, or to discuss training requirements please contact us:

Why book Sage Report Design training with Advantage Services?

Benefits & assurance of expertise:

  • 10 days free telephone support to cover any usage queries of the software
  • Certification - receive a certificate for the training you have completed
  • Experts - our trainers have successfully completed full training programs on Sage Accounts
  • Experience - we've been the leading Sage Partner provider of training every year since 2006
  • Sage Platinum Partner - recognition from Sage UK for our outstanding customer service
  • We use the software - Sage 50 Accounts is used in our own business, our support team are excellent and 1000s of customers choose our support service for Sage Accounts, Payroll and HR. Feel free to request a quote for support with us

Consultancy and Other Services - Could we help with more than just your training?

Purchasing training might not be exactly what you need, and that's OK. We provide consultancy and other services to help review your current systems, advise on steps to take to improve processes and outline any training that is required. Sometimes software isn't configured as best it could be for your business' needs, getting your software setup correctly is an important consideration; it can save you a lot of time and speed up your working. It might be that you require additional or even different software altogether to improve your efficiency. Training on your current setup, if it's not right for you, might not give you the result you need. Have a look at the services we provide below, they might be better suited to your requirement:

  • Consultancy - get expert advice on your current systems & processes. Contact us.
  • System & Business Review - More info
  • Accountancy Services - we're accountants and offer a range of services - More info
  • Sage Software Developers - our add-ons & custom solutions give Sage more functionality - More info
  • Support - we're the UK's top Sage 50 Support Partner & you could benefit from our services - More info

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