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Act! Pro Act! Premium & Act! Premium Cloud
  • Desktop/cloud contact management
  • Perpetual/subscription licensing
  • Choose from 3 solutions
  • Create multiple databases
  • Excellent communication history
  • Free trial available
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Zoho CRM
  • Cloud-based contact management
  • Subscription licensing
  • Choose from 5 solutions
  • Excellent mobile functionality
  • No Installation required
  • Free trial available
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CRM Quick Guide

Compare Act! CRM Features Act! Pro Act! Premium
Users (concurrent access) 1-10 users 10+ users
Contact and customer manager functionality
Cloud deployment
Windows mobile access
Integrated e-marketing services
Standard security settings
Enhanced security settings
Group scheduling functionality
Dashboards and reports
Advanced admin and sync options
Area Feature Act! Pro Act! Premium
Contact details Easier to navigate Act! interface
Attach documents to History and Activities
Create Company Records
Create groups and subgroups
Apply note / history items to multiple contacts
Web links tab
Link contact / company fields
Area Feature Act! Pro Act! Premium
Communication Auto sync between Act! and Outlook
Send Outlook emails directly from Act!
Attach new Outlook emails to an Act! contact
Attach received Outlook emails to Act!
Act! E-Marketing tab
Area Feature Act! Pro Act! Premium
Control your sales opportunities Create sales opportunities layouts
Add unlimited custom opportunities fields
Track communications with each opportunities
Filtered opportunity list view
One button export to Excel
Customisable opportunity fields
Track multiple products per opportunity
Sales dashboards
Sales team dashboards
Area Feature Act! Pro Act! Premium
Complete view of customer interactions Advanced keyword search
Perform searches on groups and companies
Save lookups as groups
Previous look-up option
Switch searches between contacts, groups and companies
Edit queries and preview results
Area Feature Act! Pro Act! Premium
Secure administration Automatic database sync and backup
Automatic database maintenance
Faster sync and sync progress bar
Exclude attachments for faster back-up
Create up to 50 remote databases simultaneously
Set password format, expiry and re-use rules
Set Custom User Permissions
Grant contact access en masse
Dual web access capability
Web access using FireFox
Field level security
Act! Link for Accounting

Act! Link for Accounting has been designed to work with Sage 50 Accounts helping you save time from constantly swapping between the two software programs.

Key benefits:

  • Easy to link records together giving you the ability to view important Accounts information within Act!.
  • Act! users that have access to Sage Accounts can create invoices and sales orders directly from the linked Act! record.
  • Create searches, groups, reports and more within Act! using the accounting data available on linked contact or company records.
  • Act! Link for Accounting works one way by pulling information into Act! and kept within new fields, so your existing data remains safe and sound.
  • You can use your Accounts data to update Act! data, such as the company address
  • Link records en masse with the automatic linking feature. The simple automatic link process allows you to link both companies and contacts to records in Accounts at the click of a button saving you lots of time and effort.
  • Created a new customer record in Act!, and need the same record in Accounts? The new link creates new customers in Accounts by using the data already entered into Act!.
  • Scheduled automatic updating enables you to keep your linked records up to date. The schedule is chosen by you, so it can happen as often as you like.

Compatible with:

  • Sage Instant Accounts v21 (2015)
  • Sage 50 Accounts (Essentials, Standard, Plus and Professional) v21 (2015) and above
  • Act! version 17 and higher
  • Desktop Operating Systems - Windows 7 or higher
  • Server Operating Systems – Windows Server 2008 R2 and higher

For more information on Act! Link for Accounting click here or contact us on 0330 335 0011.