Productivity Suite development roadmap

This page shows you the features of the current release, the next release we are working towards, and our future plans which as yet don't have a target release date. If you want to see a particular feature in our software, then get in touch and tell us.

Current version

Full details
Released 16/03/2018


POC updates

Release details

Minor features

POC: Automatically email supplier once a PO is approved
POC: auto-escalate a PO if no approver in the team can give final approval
Payslips using historic data
CC: Add VAT reg number, delivery name and due date to template
POC: add link from PI transaction to originating PO when invoicing a PO
POC: Make labels for comment 1 and comment 2 configurable
POC: hide carriage section
POC: make "change delivery address" more flexible
POC: hide supplier order number field
POC: export budget and actuals

Next version

Full details
Not released - target 06/04/2018


March updates

Release details

Minor features

POC: make "order taken by" field label configurable
POC: restrict supplier address by user
POC: hide nominal account dropdown on line items
POC: hide department dropdown on line items
POC: hide tax code on line items
POC: make project mandatory on the header and use that on all line items
Invoice Importer: import due date and set global tax code and payment type

future plans

Future plans

Release details

Major features

POC: use supplier email addresses outside Sage

Minor features

POC: require multiple approvals in a team before the PO is regarded as "approved" within that team
POC: show names of users in dropdown filter on PO list screen
POC: allow memorised POs to be shared between users
POC: show invoices relating to a PO
POC web: show session timeout warning in browser before the session times out on the server