Released 22/12/2020

Productivity Suite v1.1.22

Winter 2020

Release details

Minor features

CC: add template replacements relating to service item text
  • Add template replacements DESCRIPTION_OR_SERVICE_ITEM_TEXT (which will display service item text only for service items and description only for non-service items) and SERVICE_ITEM_TEXT (which will display service item text only for service items and blank for non-service items). Note that the original template replacement DESCRIPTION remains (this always shows description for both service and non-service items, and will additionally show service item text on a separate line for service items).
POC web: add trusted supplier admin screen
  • The "trusted suppliers" feature of POC, which allows setting of a threshold up to which a given supplier's POs do not need to go through the approval process, was previously only available on desktop. It's now available on the webapp.
POC web: allow a PO to be marked as completed externally
  • If a PO is completed externally to POC, for example the delivery is recorded directly in Sage, then this facility allows for the PO to be marked as complete without having to go through the final steps in the PO process.
POC web: system configuration
  • There are many options to configure how the POC system behaves. Until now it was only possible to edit them using the desktop version of POC. This update makes it possible to update the system configuration via the webapp. You can find it in the settings area of POC.
POC web: discard draft POs
  • A new button appearing on each row of the draft PO list enables users to discard their draft POs if they no longer need them.

Bug fixes

Tax only ServiceCredit not updating Amount in Sage
  • When importing a servicecredit where only the Tax amount is specified, it imports to sage however the amount shows as 0 but going into the Invoice shows the VAT amount and causes errors in check data

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