Hosting Services

Use our hosting services to have your own software installed on one of our secure remote servers (UK-based). Enjoy the benefits of global access through the internet, data security and reliable backup facilities. Eliminate the need to synchronise data between copies as your users all login and work concurrently on the same data set which is secure in the cloud and not at risk if e.g. a laptop was stolen or misplaced.

Hosting Services

  • SCALABILITY - hosted servers are customisable and scalable enough to fulfil the growing requirements of any business

  • OFF-SITE BACKUPS - your data is securely backed-up and away from your premises

  • REMOTE USERS WORK ON LIVE DATA - eliminate the inconveniences of data not syncing properly.

  • FLEXIBILITY WITH WORK HOURS - hosted servers increase accessibility to information with 24 hour functioning. Users don't need to be bound to office hours to access their programs and data, they can work whenever they want.

Most common reasons for hosting your software:
  • Reliable concurrent access to software
  • No downtime caused by synchronisation problems
  • Access anywhere for remote staff and those who travel
  • Daily backups with up 30 day retention
  • Reduced in-house IT costs and service time

Looking after your data

When having your software and data hosted outside your premises, you need reassurance that your hosting provider has the right level of security and data protection so that in the most extreme eventuality, your data is not at risk and you maintain access to it.

Your data is in safe hands:

  • UK (Rochdale) sited servers behind managed firewalls which scan all traffic.
  • We use industry standard “VEEAM” for backing up the servers
  • We can restore the entire VM (Virtual Machine) back to its original host, which will overwrite the existing one, affectively rolling it back to the day the chosen restore point was taken.
  • We can restore the entire VM as above but onto a different host, which would leave the original copy intact A restore of the one of more the files that make up the virtual machine can be restored to a folder We can restore files from the virtual machine itself, e.g. if someone deleted a file from the C drive of the VM we can restore just that file.
  • Servers are backed up every night with a 30 day backup retention
  • Take local backups of your Sage (or other program) data whenever you wish.
  • The Data Centre is highly protected with the Fortigate UTM device. This solution provides multi-level, unified threat management (UTM) capabilities against malware attacks.
  • Windows Updates - we can ensure all updates are installed when required. We try to minimise how often this is done as most updates require reboots and this would affect the availability of the servers.
  • As standard we do not install anti-virus software on our servers but this can be provided or the customer can install their own.

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