Microsoft Excel Training

Microsoft® Excel

One of the most widely-used computer software programs

At our intermediate level training you will have the opportunity to learn how to use Microsoft® Excel, helping you improve your employment prospects and become more confident and efficient in your current job. Training material will be provided.

Key content that will be covered includes:

  • Charts – Chart sheets, formatting and protection
  • Sorting and custom lists
  • Subtotalling using command button
  • Auto, custom and advanced filtering of a list
  • Miscellaneous features to remove duplicates, evaluate formulae
  • Absolute references in formulae - Named cells and ranges
  • Complex formulae e.g. IF, Problem Solving
  • Formula auditing
  • Group sheet selection
  • Multi file linking and consolidation
  • Using mathematical and statistical functions
  • Locking cells and password protection

To discuss training requirements please contact us:

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