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Exact for Project Management

Ideal for IT services, consulting and advisory agencies.

Exact for Project Management streamlines your project organisation by integrating advanced project and timesheet management with invoicing, accounting and CRM.

It can even include subscription and contract management. This helps you maximise every project, keeps your customers happy and grows your business by seizing new opportunities.

Key benefits of Exact for Project Management:
  • Improved project visibility and project scope control
  • Capacity planning and resource allocation
  • Project purchase control
  • Prepaid services
  • Includes the key benefits of Time and Billing

Exact for Project Management features Standard
For those looking for advanced project management, capacity planning, and budgeting hours and purchases.
£139 per month (exc. VAT)
For IT service providers managing projects, subscriptions and service contracts
£179 per month (exc. VAT)
Includes 1 user Extra user: £12 per month Extra user: £12 per month
Includes 2 Time entry users Extra user: £4 per month Extra user: £4 per month
Includes 1 company Extra company: £9.50 per month Extra company: £9.50 per month
Manage accounts
Online time tracking
Manage projects. inc dashboards
Built-in CRM
Manage rates
Breakdown of projects
Plan with a planboard (drag & drop)
Registering absence and leave
Working with tickets and advance payments
Managing service contracts
Managing recurring billing & subscriptions
Analysing recurring revenue & subscription growth
  • Experience - We have experience in implementing accounting solutions since 2003.
  • Expertise knowledge - Leading Sage UK business partner since 2011 with internal support team, providing an integrated solution for your entire business.
  • Award - We have recently been awarded with 'Global Emerging Value Added Reseller (VAR) of the Year 2016'
  • In-house development - We create add-ons, bespoke solutions and can even write a whole new program to achieve the functionality you require.
  • Attention to detail - This begins at the outset when scoping your requirement(s).
  • Free demos and trials - Arrange a one-to-one with one of our experts to see what is the right solution for you.
  • Complete solution - We provide you with the appropriate training and support you'll require to work competently, efficiently and confidently with the software.
  • Your success is our success - Our experts take care of your every need from the moment you contact us.
Exact Certified Partner
Exact for Wholesale Distribution
Exact for Wholesale Distribution
  • Manage multiple warehouses
  • Back-to-back ordering shipment
  • Serial and batch traceability
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Exact for Manufacturing
Exact for Manufacturing
  • Work lean by automating paperwork
  • Calculate and generate quotes fast
  • Full real-time insight into margins
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Exact for
Time & Billing
Exact for Time & Billing
  • Streamline time entry and invoicing
  • Enter costs and hours online
  • Manage projects inc. dashboards
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Exact for
Exact for Accounting
  • Comprehensive views of finances
  • Quick and efficient accounts handling
  • Extended periods (13 periods)
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