Productivity Suite development roadmap

This page shows you the features of the current version and the future releases we are working towards. This roadmap is subject to change at any time. We keep this screen up-to-date, but for any further information or if you want to see a particular feature in our software, then please contact your account manager.

Current version

Full details
Released 15/02/2019


January/February updates

Release details

Major features

Code Changer speed-up
CC: don't chase invoices if they have certain characteristics

Minor features

Product code changer: edit description and inactive flag
BOM Manager: allow for expansion of BOM product components
POC web: allow for raising directly in another team

Next version

Full details
Not released - target 29/03/2019


March updates

Release details

Minor features

POC web: allow the line item total entry field to be editable so gross amounts can be entered
POC: add notes tab to PO screen
POC: add option to show project description in emails
POC web: allow non-admin users to edit and cancel POs
POC: require optional login to validate approval/rejection via email link
POC: allow budget to be seen by non-admin users
Project costing reports
POC web: if a PO cannot be approved because of a budget or inactive approver, an email notification needs to be sent from Hub
Hub: make the database directory configurable
Hub: allow attached document and file storage directory to be configured
POC: show a paperclip icon on PO list views where the PO has attached documents
Planned - target release on 31/05/2019


April/May updates

Release details

Minor features

Back to Back Ordering: allow for part allocation and allow for customer order number to be saved on PO
CC: update communication history in Sage Accounts
Transaction Importer: check for duplicate reference when importing
Transaction Importer: show totals being imported by transaction type
CC: add ability to delete (unused) reminder patterns; allow bulk selection from dashboard view
CC: show history (and planned emails) per customer
POC project cost report enhancements
CC: make email subjects configurable

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