3 fool proof tips to boost your professional look

Brand image is vital. How your business appears to potential customers will influence their opinion about your business and whether they would like to trade with you. They will take into account social media following, public interest and even appearance of individuals representing the business to determine how established your business may be. To improve your brand image start focusing on what people first see when they meet your business – e-mails, social media and even business cards.

Tip 1 - Appearance

You could start with something as simple as creating a business e-mail address. This will mean each time you are contacted via e-mail or give your e-mail address you will be promoting your business and it suggests that you’re slightly more established than a company using a regular domain. It’s simple yet very effective if you compare receiving an e-mail from Amazon than receiving an e-mail from a small business using for example Gmail. Though it’s just an e-mail address it will influence your view.

Using social media for more than promotion is important. You can use it to have conversations with customers and potential customers. Using it for updates such as when your phone lines may be down or when you may be dealing with a problem is useful and shows professionalism as clients can see how you handle with situations and aren’t left in the dark.

Tip 2 - Stationery

Using appropriate stationery may seem silly but it’s actually the little things that count. Attention to minor details such as pens and envelopes used can show customers that your business is thorough and know the importance of being professional. This does not need to cost you a fortune, there are many online stores that can personalise pens with your company logo or anything you’d like. Using those within your business or handing out to customers can create impressions that are not much more expensive than the regular pens bought in bulk for the business. Or if you want to focus on stationery, you can personalise your own or even shop around to find appropriate ones. For example, we sell genuine Sage 50 stationery on our website that includes a range of invoices, P60s, payslips and even labels. Creating a professional look within your employees can set standards and influence how they discuss and feel about the business too.

Tip 3 - Business Cards

Business cards don’t need to be expensive but they can really make your business look professional. However, in order to get the most out of business cards you need to be aware or some tips and facts to maximise their impact. Firstly, never use ‘free’ business cards as much as it can be tempting for a start-up business it gives off a cheap look that other businesses may be wary of. Any sign of ‘printed by’ or ‘sponsored by’ alerts the customers that the business did not pay for these and are in turn promoting another brand which clearly isn’t their forte – especially when a business cards prime use is for someone to have information to contact your business.

Next, think about how much information you’re putting onto the business card. It should include your business name and logo clearly. If your business has a tagline use it as it may spark a client’s memory. Your name and job title should be clear so they know who they are contacting and can determine which department etc. Your contact information should be separate to your website and social media profiles but most importantly remember white space! It does not need to be the colour white but empty space on a business card is vital and makes it more likely to be read.

Posted at 8.45am on 18 July 2017 by Neelam Nazir in category Company
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