Are you restricted by Nominal Codes in Sage 50cloud Accounts?


What are Nominal Codes and how can they be changed and merged.

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Five Reasons to Invest in Accounting Software


Investing in software is an expense, but consider the savings that could be made over the coming months and years

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HMRC Makes Changes for Customers Who Pay VAT by Direct Debit


The latest news is that HMRC are currently undertaking work transforming their VAT services, which includes migrating customers to a new IT platform.

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Are you inputting data into Excel or a CSV file to transfer your data into another system?


Specially designed importers take item lines from a spreadsheet and turn them into transactions, invoices, or sales orders.

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Are You Prepared For The EU VAT Changes That Are Around The Corner?


The next date for the business diary is 1st July 2021, when EU VAT legislation changes will see the process being overhauled again to help with reducing VAT fraud.

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Struggling to get invoices paid on time?


So you have your Credit Control system in place, but there are still invoices that aren't being paid - how do you get your invoices paid?

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Keeping Track of Your Company Spend


How a Purchase Order Control add-on can keep you in control of your company's spend

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Hosting Solutions Ease the Move Away from the Office


How hosting services can enable remote working on Sage Accounts and Payroll

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Making Tax Digital - Are you Ready?


Making Tax Digital Guidance

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Do You Work In Construction? Are You Ready for the Domestic VAT Reverse Charge?


How the Construction Industry needs to be prepared for the Domestic VAT Reverse Charge

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Are you ready for Making Tax Digital?


As of April 2019, businesses with a turnover above £85k will have to submit VAT returns through the HMRC gateway using commercial accounting software. I will explain how these changes affect your business and ensure that you are prepared and compliant.

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Keeping your accounts in an orderly manner


We all try to keep our accounts neat and in the correct order. It can be stressful knowing that the accounts which our business relies on are at any time, is in disarray. Many Sage users turn to a simple solution – Code Changers and Mergers.

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Making Tax Digital


Everyone is talking about Making Tax Digital. Some are trying to get their heads around it whilst others are still intimidated by the sound of Making Tax Digital. To save you from that, I am giving you all the basic information you need to make sure you are aware, compliant and not intimidated.

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Is it time to upgrade?


How often are we told to upgrade? Whether it’s our gadgets, cars or other items, we are constantly advised to upgrade, but when should we? When is it actually worth upgrading and when is it a little bit of a time waster. Here are a few quick points to look out for to ensure you’re being as efficient as possible with your time – upgrading only when you need to!

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Perks of Accounting Software


Learning new perks can boost efficiency in any aspect of life, so make the most out of them starting off with accounting software perks. Accounting software records and processes a firm’s financial accounting transactions, such as revenue and costs. Perks for such dynamic software are only going to extremely improve your business.

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