Hosting Solutions Ease the Move Away from the Office


How hosting services can enable remote working on Sage Accounts and Payroll

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Making Tax Digital - Are you Ready?


Making Tax Digital Guidance

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Time to Spring Clean Your Payroll System


Tidying up your Payroll System

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Four Steps to the Perfect Payroll Year End


Four Steps to the Perfect Payroll Year End

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Do you need software training?


January is the perfect time to evaluate your training needs. It’s usually the time when businesses welcome new starters and assess their resources. Questions could arise like, “Do I need to update my accounts software” or “Am I getting the most out of my Payroll software?”

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Opening hours during the festive period


Please note that during the festive period our hours vary.

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Subscription vs. Perpetual


You have decided to bring the Sage 50 Accounts software into your business. However, the decision making doesn’t stop there. You also need to decide whether a subscription licence or a perpetual licence is better for your business.

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Are you ready for Making Tax Digital?


As of April 2019, businesses with a turnover above £85k will have to submit VAT returns through the HMRC gateway using commercial accounting software. I will explain how these changes affect your business and ensure that you are prepared and compliant.

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What is customer service? Part 2


Customer service begins with the first contact with any employee no matter their rank or position – and never ends.

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What is customer service?


It is a service provided before, during and after sales. Is that it? Absolutely not.

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Is it time to upgrade?


How often are we told to upgrade? Whether it’s our gadgets, cars or other items, we are constantly advised to upgrade, but when should we? When is it actually worth upgrading and when is it a little bit of a time waster. Here are a few quick points to look out for to ensure you’re being as efficient as possible with your time – upgrading only when you need to!

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Boost your professional look


Making your business appear more professional is all about perception. Little indicators such as quality of e-mails, language used by staff and even stationery can suggest how professional and grown your business actually is.

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Perks of Accounting Software


Learning new perks can boost efficiency in any aspect of life, so make the most out of them starting off with accounting software perks. Accounting software records and processes a firm’s financial accounting transactions, such as revenue and costs. Perks for such dynamic software are only going to extremely improve your business.

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Branding: the simplest way to boost your business


Branding is crucial, not only because without it your business has no personality, but because with it the foundations for your businesses identity is set.

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Challenges faced by the Distribution Industry


Are you aware of, and tackling, the challenges facing warehouses today? If not, it may just be the time to consider how they may affect you and what you need to do in order to survive.

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Moving offices


The team at Advantage Service Ltd recently underwent their own office move and as a result we thought we would share our four top tips to make yours run as smoothly as possible.

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Software Solution Shop site move


We are moving the whole of our domain to our parent company domain,, as part of the streamlining of our business.

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