Branding: the simplest way to boost your business

Branding is crucial, not only because without it your business has no personality, but because with it the foundations for your businesses identity is set. Branding is the combination of the names, logo, themes and images in the consumers mind when they hear your businesses name. It's what establishes your significant presence in the market and differentiates your business from competitors.

What does branding do for your business?

You can create emotions. Customers can trust a brand that they are familiar with which means they're more likely to make purchases and recommend you, therefore improving sales. A brand can also act as an inspiration, not only for customers to purchase from you, but with your employees too. Working with a reputable company can inspire employees to excel for their own recognition which can stimulate efficiency.

A successful brand can establish expectations in consumers which can set you apart from competitors. It can also work as consistent motivation for your employees as they may strive to meet and even exceed the expectations set by their brand. For Advantage Services, we improve our brand constantly through our motivated support and customer service which we can measure through our Trust Pilot reviews.

What can you do?

Your brand should be like a personality, it should form opinions mostly presented through social media, it should be relatable and most of all it should lively and contagious. Your brand should exist in each department and idea the business has. In order to make it work it needs to be believed in. Personality styles can be chosen through the general demographic of your target market, for example a trendy teen demographic would be tweeted to in a different manor than a professional in their mid-thirties.

You can build your brand right from your computer. Social media platforms help businesses communicate with the market constantly. You can simply start by uploading informative yet professional content on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Each post should reach a consumer and provoke thought or interest either in your business or something positive to associate with your brand. For example on our twitter @AdvantageServices we tweet consistently about our brand and other relevant topics to our industry, area and brand personality.

Logo, fonts and imagery should be consistent so consumers can associate all aspects with the brand. Your brand should be united throughout the business not just the marketing or customer facing departments, so give your staff little refreshers to keep the brand live. We have uniform templates and logos in all our work which keep our colours and logos constant.

How to improve it: Networking

Networking is a great way to improve and grow your brand after the foundations have been set. Events and social interaction are great places to start. Meeting similar businesses or even businesses in your area is beneficial as you will increase the likeliness of potential customers or even partners. Even if you don't communicate much with other businesses record the interactions, tweeting a picture, writing a blog post; just being associated with them gives you credibility and exposure, as relating brands will improve customer interest. At Advantage Services, we are part of the Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and have attended their networking events in the past.

The best social media platform for networking is Linked In; you can reach many professionals all over the world, find out about events and keep your brand involved in the industry creating a competitive advantage. Try it out for free, or check out our Linked In: Advantage Services, content for this platform should be more professional as it tends to be directed to businesses or professionals.

Where to start?

Check out our social media @AdvantageServices on Twitter and Advantage Services on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ for networking, inspiration and updates. Scroll through our blogs to see what else we're discussing and get involved with your thoughts on social media.

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