Software Solution Shop is moving over

As part of the major streamlining and enhancement project we are currently undertaking, we will be closing down and moving over all the online shop pages to our new shop here on

When we launched Software Solution Shop as an off-shoot in 2009, it was because we wanted a simple online shop website which enabled customers with the knowledge of the products we sell to go straight to what they wanted and make their purchase with the minimum of fuss. Those customers who needed our help to make the correct decision as to what they should purchase would find the information they needed on the Advantage Services website, we reasoned. What we've done now is combine the best of both worlds with a vastly-improved and simple-to-navigate online shop, but with our service and expertise backing it up both on the website and on the phone.

This is just one of many improvements we're making at the moment. If you don't think we're getting it right - or if you do - then get in touch and let us know.

Posted at 4.58pm on 05 February 2017 by Dan Hobbs in category Company
Tags: Software Solution Shop, Website